Hotel and Kitchen Uniforms

 Core Uniform offers an array of high-quality, comfortable and bespoke hotel and kitchen uniforms that are both practical and stylish.

In the daily routines of chefs and kitchen staff, uniforms, particularly the white attire, play a crucial role. These uniforms contribute to a professional appearance for your workers, instilling confidence in your guests. Our high-quality, stain resistant material ensures a professional and tidy look throughout the day. Beyond aesthetics, kitchen uniforms are designed with protective features. For instance, aprons crafted from fire-retardant materials enhance safety in environments where workers are consistently exposed to fire hazards in the kitchen and that’s why our uniforms conform to the Health and Safety regulations. 

Ensuring impeccable hygiene during food preparation is imperative, which is why our chefs’ hats, kitchen caps, and hairnets are meticulously designed. These accessories not only safeguard the integrity of the food but also prevent sweat from affecting your staff’s faces during their work. Furthermore, our kitchen uniforms prioritise comfort, allowing your staff to work seamlessly throughout their working hours.

Core Uniform offers a comprehensive selection of premium kitchen uniforms, encompassing aprons, caps, jackets, trousers, and footwear. Crafted from spun poly, our uniforms prioritise both comfort and fire protection. The spun poly material eliminates the need for ironing and prevents shrinkage so that you only pay once for quality, long-lasting uniforms. Finally, while traditional kitchen uniforms are white to signify cleanliness, we can offer a diverse range of colours so that stains are less visible.

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