Medical Uniforms

Core Uniform offers an array of high-quality, comfortable and bespoke medical uniforms that are practical and conform to all safety standards.

It is crucial to wear appropriate attire in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics and dentists as these medical uniforms play a vital role in ensuring that clinical workers can effectively perform their duties, while maintaining sanitation. The antibacterial properties of our uniforms provide protection for your staff by preventing patient infections being transmitted. Additionally, their design ensures resistance to picking up dirt and stains, allowing workers to wear them for extended periods without looking dirty, offering great value for money.

As you know, medical scrubs typically consist of a short-sleeved shirt top and trousers fastened with a drawstring around the waist for a secure fit. At Core Uniform, we can tailor make these uniforms so that comfort and style is maintained for your staff. Many medical centres and clinics implement a colour-coded system, designating specific colours for workers from different departments to indicate their assignments. This also serves as an immediate visual indicator between staff and patients. Not only do we tailor make the design, but we can also offer an array of colours other than the traditional white, such as light green, light blue or any colour of your choice.

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